SilverDog is a Dragcave meme. He was one one of Kai's first Dragons


SilverDog was found in the Jungle biome. He was the third egg Kai nabbed when he'd started Dragcave. SilverDog didn't hatch until his last day, similar to Kai's other first dragons Horngreen, who was killed (NOT BY KAI), OnePink and Little-Greenflame. Kai named him because he'd looked like a silver dog. SilverDog soon matured and grew up on June 4th


White Striped male


SilverDog appears as a white Striped Dragon with yellow stripes


Egg Stolen on: May 25, 2015

Hatched on: Jun 01, 2015

Grew up on: Jun 04, 2015

Overall Views: 5100

Unique Views: 691

Clicks: 10

Gender: Male

Where he can be foundEdit

SilverDog can be found on Kai's scroll

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