Jimbles Notronbo is a reference to the Facebook page Why helo it is i jimbles notronbo, a humor page parodying Jimmy Neutron.

Jimbles 2

Jimbles Notronbo.

Origin Edit

Fazboggle had admired Jimbles long before he created a DeviantArt account. Some of his memes occasionally reference Jimbles, and/or Carl Wheezer.

Appearance Edit

Jimbles Notronbo usually appears as Jimmy Neutron with warped and distorted features, such as an elongated mouth, or upside-down eyebrows.


A less distorted image of Jimbles.

Trivia Edit

  • Jimbles has a specific way of speaking, which many moist memers frequently use.
  • Pombley's love of eggs is inspired by Jimbles.
    Jimbles 3

    Jimbles crying

  • A familiar Facebook name called why helo sugar booger it is i Hugels Notronbo is dubbed from Hugh Neutron, Jimmy's dad
  • There is a video on youtube called "helo it is i", but it has nothing to do with jimbles.
  • He has his own brand of stirring stick.
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