Custom night edits are basically self-explanatory. They are edited versions of the Five Nights At Freddy's and Five Nights At Freddy's 2 custom night screens. They can be made in either Drawplanet or Photoshop. The edits are almost always transforming the characters into silly characters and sometimes, these new characters can become memes, an example being Oxygen Man.

Freff Night

One of Fazboggle's custom nights, titled Freff Night.

Usually, making a Custom Night consists of editing the animatronics' faces, and then copying and pasting letters of text to form new words collage-style.


The definite origin of Custom Nights is unknown, but the trend started on the DeviantArt group FNAF-Edits.


  • Fazboggle's first deviation was a custom night edit named "Night of the Extreme Hard Toy Golden Dick".
  • Bready originated from a Custom Night, and is owned by RadikinSkywalker. However, it is advised not to bother her about Bready, as she has been flooded with permission to use him, fanart, etc.
  • There are some sub-memes formed from custom nights, such as the phrases "med" and "ize" which are commonly used in the edits.


If you are the newest Moist Memer, you really should make the edits out of this:

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