Bonnie's left leg is a moist meme featuring the left leg of the character Bonnie from the Five Nights at Freddy's series.

Origin Edit

Bonnie's left leg is the left/right limb of Withered Bonnie. In its meme form, it wears a top hat and it has counterparts, more specifically Toy Bonnie's left leg, Shadow Bonnie's left leg, Springtrap's left leg and Nightmare Bonnie's left leg.
Bonnie's left leg

The classic image of Bonnie's Left Leg.

Bonnie's Left Leg originated from, where an anonymous Tumblr user sent a message to the moderator stating that the new meme was Bonnie's Left Leg. Fazboggle created an image of Withered Bonnie's left leg with Freddy's top hat Photoshopped onto it, which became extremely widespread through Tumblr and later DeviantArt.

Trivia Edit

  • Although this fact is relatively unknown, Fazboggle created the image of Bonnie's Left Leg before he became popular on DeviantArt.
  • Even though the meme is just named "Bonnie's Left Leg," the most popular version of the meme features Withered Bonnie's left leg.
  • Bonnie's left leg is one of the only moist memes that did not gain popularity from DeviantArt.
  • There is a Gimp Brush version of Bonnie's left leg that is sometimes spammed on Drawplanet.
  • In a recent Drawplanet session, Kai drew Foxy's hooked arm (his left arm) and jokingly said "Foxy's left arm-joining Bonnie's left leg in the left limb army"
  • There are many versions of the left leg. Example: Nightmare Bonnie's left leg
  • Bonnie's Left Leg has been shipped with Chica's Left Arm.
    Left leg

    A larger, transparent image of Bonnie's Left Leg.


SSB4 Bonnie's left leg by Fazboggle

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